About Me:

When my mother immigrated to the United States, she chose to settle in Chula Vista because of its quiet and humble charm. I was born at Scripps Memorial Hospital on H Street and attended Lillian J Rice Elementary, Chula Vista Middle School, Castle Park Middle School, and finally Chula Vista High School where I graduated with honors. My favorite memories as a kid are going to the National City Swap-Meet on a Saturday morning or watching a double feature at the drive-in in Imperial Beach.

After high school I attended the University of California San Diego, where I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor's of Arts in history and a minor in education. As a college student, I always did my best to return to my community by doing student-teaching at local schools including Silver Strand Elementary School, Chula Vista High School, Lincoln High School, and Garfield Senior High School.

Working a plethora of jobs after graduation, I was eventually hired at the Health and Human Services Agency at the County of San Diego as an Office Assistant. I was then promoted as a Human Services Specialist where I currently evaluate households for health and social services.

I am running because the South Bay deserves a representative who really knows the current struggle and challenge of living in San Diego. Someone who deals with traffic every morning on their drive north for work. Someone who lived in Tijuana, joining the line to cross at 4am almost every morning because paying for rent was impossible. Someone who has had to choose between filling their car with gas or eating dinner. Someone who, if a paycheck is missed, would not be able to pay their housing costs.

I love San Diego and the South Bay, but we struggle just to live here. Vote me to represent you, and I promise to put our community's interests first.

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Sophia currently lives in Chula Vista with her husband Daniel and their one-year-old daughter.