Most of the time, when I introduce myself as a candidate for District 1 County Supervisor, the first question I get asked is:

What is the Board of Supervisors?

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors is a panel of five elected officials who represent five different geographical locations within San Diego County. Their job is to oversee the budget and activities of county units including the Community Services Group, Finance & General Government Group, Capital Program, Public Safety Group, Health & Human Services Agency, and Land Use & Environment Group.

San Diego currently has a budget of $6.3 billion, and the Board of Supervisors can directly influence 30% of the income, which is about $1.3 Billion called the General Purpose Revenue.

Before 2010, county supervisors were not subject to term limits, but now the position is limited to two 4-year terms because of Measure B. As current District 1 Supervisor Greg Cox steps down after over twenty years of service, an opportunity has come for someone new to take his place.

Voting for me will be a breath of fresh air for San Diego. As the youngest candidate, I will always advocate for the future of our community. Come out and vote for me for the March 2020 primaries.


District 1 encompasses the following areas:

San Ysidro, Imperial Beach, Otay Mesa West, Oceancrest, Otay Mesa, Chula Vista, Bonita, Sunnyside, Paradise Hills, Mountain View, National City, Barrio Logan, Chollas View, and Coronado.