Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

We are NOT accepting donations from corporations. When we say grassroots, we mean it. Help us by donating anything you can!

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“I think people forget that it doesn't take a big donation to help someone, just a lot of little donations.”

- Hannah Teter, Olympic gold medalist, Halfpipe at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Law requires we ask for your employer and occupation with donations of $100 or more.

If you don't have an employer or are retired, write “N/A”, and if you are self-employed put "self-employed" in employer and describe your occupation.

County of San Diego campaign regulations permit a maximum personal contribution of $850 per individual or $1,700 per couple, per election. Spouses may write separate checks or one check signed by both spouses. Please process separate credit card transactions for spouses/partners.

It is unlawful for a contributor to be reimbursed by any organization, business, or individual.

Contributions are not tax deductible.

Contribution rules:

1. I am at least 18 years old.

2. This contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.

3. I am making this contribution with my own personal credit card and not with a corporate or business credit card or a card issued to another person.

4. I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).