“After years of listening to families express their frustrations and struggles related to living in San Diego, while experiencing them myself, I have decided to run for Supervisor of District 1.”

Challenges I promise to tackle include:

The Housing Crisis: Having experienced homelessness myself, I will focus on the housing crisis so that no one else has to feel the burden of not having a stable roof over their head. For those who are not homeless, almost half of the South Bay population spends 30% or more of their household income on their housing expenses. I will endorse any programs that will encourage construction and development of low-cost housing—not luxury housing.

Transit: I will continue the effort and support of expanding and implementing public transportation to reduce congestion on our freeways and local streets while also being environmentally aware. As a student at UCSD, I made full use of the Blue Line Trolley and Bus Route 150 Express—not only to save money, but also to reduce my carbon footprint.

Environment: Being near the ocean, South Bay has a responsibility to ensure that our waters and oceans remain clean. As the Port of Chula Vista is remodeled for more commercial success, I will ensure that environment protections remain the utmost priority.

Transparency: Too many political and economical decisions are made behind closed doors. I promise to be as transparent as possible in any policymaking process that I am in involved in. I will welcome community involvement and support unions.

Pro-Military: San Diego has a proud military history. My goal is to continue the funding military families receive while advocating support systems for our Veterans.

Pro-immigration: Roughly 32.0% of the South Bay population is foreign born. As the daughter of an immigrant, I know firsthand the challenges facing new residents and asylum seekers. I will continue to fight for San Diego to embrace our local immigrant communities. I also pledge not to approve any county funds that will be used in the deportation of non-violent, non-criminal immigrants.

Bi-National Representation: It cannot be ignored that San Diego is home to the largest port of entry in United States with our neighbor Tijuana, Mexico. Like the estimated 25,000 residents who cross daily, I too frequently cross the international border. Because of this, I plan to regularly be in contact with Border Patrol and U.S. Customs to guarantee that San Diego families have the freedom to cross the border without sacrificing human dignity.